The Greater Dayton Union Co-op Initiative is committed to incubating cooperative businesses to bring sustainable jobs to Dayton.

GDUCI’s goal is to create an economy that works for everyone — an economy that supports family sustaining jobs, provides opportunities for underserved and marginalized people, and is accountable to the communities that drive it. We will transform the Greater Dayton region by strengthening our community’s existing resources, filling gaps where no appropriate resources exist, and supporting our most valuable resource — the people who live and work here.

Our work is inspired by the principles and structure of Mondragon, the largest and most successful cooperative network in the world. By bringing Mondragon’s resilient model to Dayton, Ohio, we will will grow the economy and develop community wealth from the ground up.

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"It's going to take involvement from folks across our community to make this possible."

Amaha Sellassie, Professor, Community Activist, GDUCI Steering Committee member

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